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Tips for Avoiding Common Office Injuries

When you think of workplace accidents, the first image that may come to mind is a busy construction site, warehouse or auto repair shop. The reality is that hazards exist in everyday work offices, which can lead to serious workplace injuries. Knowing what those hazards are and how to avoid them keeps employees safe from harm.


From open desk drawers, wet floors and poor lighting to unstable chairs, falling hazards litter work spaces. Ensuring employees shut drawers when they finish using them, securing loose cords and installing adequate lighting make sure employees keep both feet on the floor.

Lifting Injuries

When employees improperly lift even small loads, they can sustain a back or muscle injury, which can lead to filing for workmans comp oregon. To keep workers safe, they must lift with proper form, using their legs rather than their back. Lifting with the entire hand rather than the fingers and keeping objects close to their body also helps prevent injuries.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Poor workstation layout can lead to muscle pain and strain in the back, shoulders and neck; carpal tunnel syndrome; and eye strain. To prevent musculoskeletal injuries, employee desks should include an ergonomic design for keyboards, computer monitors, chairs and document holders. Also, employers should encourage workers to take regular breaks away from their computers to give their eyes a rest.

Impact Injuries

Bumping into filing cabinets, impacts from falling objects and bumping into items can all cause impact injuries. Office workers must pay close attention to their surroundings to avoid such injuries, and they must keep hair, fingers and jewelry out of the way of machinery.

A lack of information could lead to unnecessary office injuries. Once workers understand the dangers that exist in a seemingly safe environment, they can take measures to protect themselves and each other.