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Time Clocks Lower Labor Cost

Time Clocks Lower Labor Cost

How to cut labor cost is on every organizations mind. Whether you’re a farmer or a national football league team owner, labor cost is a big issue. How you track the issue is up to you. Employee data collection is the mythology of collecting time and/or labor hours spent on departments and jobs. Time-sheets and time clocks are your most common data collection device, but modern technology has advanced from a paper time-card or time-sheet into electronic time-sheet and electronic data collection terminals.

Modern day data collection allows flexibility that was once non-existent with a manual process of adding up time-sheets and time-cards in a timely fashion. Once the employee data has been collected from an data collection terminal it is then polled or imported into a time and attendance software system. These labor management systems allow you to track labor hours, job costing, and compare actual versus scheduled times, giving the information a manger needs on demand. With this information companies can then organize their workforce to be the most cost effective solution to increase efficiency saving both time and money.

Many different employee data collection systems exist. As stated before, time-sheets and time clocks are the most common. With these common methods new solutions have evolved with modern technology. Electronic time sheets allow employees to login into a PC or web browsers and submit their time. Electronic time clocks allow employee to swipe a badge or scan their finger or hand to clock in and out. Telephones allow employees to dial a phone number and clock in and out from permitted phone numbers. The web has also had its influence on how we collect our employee’s data. Web based software has really taken off in the last ten years. Web browser software eliminates the need for a dedicated time clock and allows employees to submit time-sheets or clock in and out online. These total web based time and attendance solutions can even be fully hosted on a time and attendance software providers server rather than implementing on their own servers, know as “Software As A Service” or SAAS for short.

With the ability to reduce man hours, eliminate errors associated with manual time-card calculation and data collection, maintain accurate records, and implement and enforce fair and consistent pay policies, your business will realize savings almost immediately. Any of these data collection solutions may take a little upfront cost, but the return on investment can last a life time.