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The Ultimate Change – Are You Ready to Have a Baby?

The Ultimate Change – Are You Ready to Have a Baby?

“With a little bit of fairy dust and think of a happy thought and you can fly!” a line in the movie “Hook” and the grown- up Peter Pan learned to soar high again just by thinking about the birth of his son. Talk to a mother and try asking her what’s the most unforgettable cherished memory that she has and without a doubt, she is going to answer giving birth.

Having a baby is a very overwhelming experience, not just for mothers but also for the fathers, too. It is one of the most life- changing and life-altering decision you can make. Deciding to have a baby is so crucial that you have to think about it hundreds and thousands of times.

Sit down and give time to discuss about certain issues like the mutual decision that it is time to have a baby. “Forgetting” to take your contraceptive pill on purpose is not the right way to start a pregnancy. It involves a lot of responsibility and starting it off with deceit or coercion is wicked.

Before deciding to have kids, consider if you can afford it. Having children doesn’t come cheap. Pregnancy requires several check- up and tests and vitamins and special foods and diets. Thank the heavens above if your pregnancy will go smoothly for nine months. But god forbid, if there will be complications be ready for those four to five digits doctor’s fee.

Same goes with raising a child. The cribs, the stroller, the car seat, the baby clothes, baby food- you know, those baby’s essential needs, they can max- out your credit card in no time. Some couple might say- we’ll get by as we go along but giving a lot of thought on your financials can make the journey way lot easier for both of you.

In estimation, it costs $150,000 to raise a child from birth to 18 years old for middle class family and $220,000 for higher- income families. So, never forget to ready those financial plans and discern what you can and cannot afford if you want to avoid bankruptcy. Once you have your money-matters settled, its time to discuss the deeper aspect.

Are you mentally and emotionally ready to have a baby? Before your precious one gets out, you have to endure one tremendous pain. The labor pains. It is even believed that it’s the labor pains that made child-bearing unforgettable. Raising you kid is not as easy as raising a puppy.

It includes strong sense of self-security. Are you ready to give unconditional love? Are you ready to set aside your own happiness for your little angel? Are you willing to give- up work or career? Motherhood is all about being selfless and compassionate. Be sure you’re ready to tackle issues like frustrations, stress, weakness, responsibility and ineptitude within yourself and your partner because for sure both of you will encounter it.

The issue of the biological clock. If you’re running out of time better make it fast. As we all know, time waits for now one and so are your eggs. Conceiving in your late 30’s and 40’s can be quite risky for you and for your baby. If ever you decide to make use of fertility drugs and scientific technology for conceiving- be sure you consult it with the doctor your can truly trust.

And lastly, are you ready to experience ethereal happiness? Having a baby is one of the most magical moments you can experience. The journey is going to be tough and bumpy. It’s going to be far from perfect but no matter how hard everything’s going to get, rest assured- looking at your baby’s eyes will be a lifetimes worth of happiness.