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The Development of Travel Industry in Asia

The unique culture and travel destination are just some of the reasons why global people come to Asia. Although there are some criteria for assessment, but we can see how travel industry in Asia shows its improvement. It’s not apart from the government which invest the tourism sector. Being the priority of income is the answer why are some countries below growing rapidly.

Sri Lanka

What’s interesting from this country?. If you don’t know yet, it also has fascinating travel destinations to visit. The plenty of tropical destinations become its attraction. Besides, it also has historical places that you can learn about. With 2.05 million of visitors along 2016, it shows its presence in the travel industry in Asia until now.


This is the next country which takes effect to the travel industry in Asia. It’s already proven that the tourism is growing rapidly. Although the most visited travel destination is Bali, but there are the other places which also become the priority of the government.


This also has a place in the travel industry in Asia. Whether it’s from domestic or international, it always becomes one of the list of places to visit. The exotic food or unique culture becomes its own attractiveness. It already planned to get 34.3 million international visitors since last year. But the number of the visitors is still increasing these days.


The population diversity makes this country turns into a unique place to visit. It’s not only people from neighboring countries who visit but also overseas. The existence of this in travel industry in Asia helps it country to increase the tourism income.


Move to another country,this country already shows it’s presence in the travel industry in Asia. It also has the same diversity of population which can make this country becomes unique. In increasing its tourism, Singapore improves the business relationship with the other countries like Indonesia.