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The Advantages of Using Structural Racking

The Advantages of Using Structural Racking

With warehouses becoming bigger and bigger, and the need for stock to be organised well along with quick access, structural racking is the best way to efficiently store a large amount of stock and still allow for changes in the type of stock stored.

This way of racking is fully customizable to the individual needs depending on what it is being used to help store. This is an advantage as stock may change and the same type of item may not need to be stored in the same place again, or even at all. Different types of stock can be easily accommodated.

The density of the storage can also be hugely increased using this racking. Because it can be stacked upward the ground which used to occupy only one pallet of stock can now handle as many as the height of the building allows. This means less area is needed to store stock, reducing overhead costs.

A problem with many types of storage is the weight of which it is able to handle. With structural storage the problem can be solved because it can be constructed in such a way it becomes a lot stronger and sturdier and therefore is able to handle a lot more weight. This again makes it a highly flexible choice in storing stock.

Being able to access stock quickly when needed is also able to be accomplished. Because the storage is essential modular the layout of the ware house can be done in such a way that access is available from all sides. Racking can be built in rows of two units meaning each side is accessible, and with the advantage of upwards storage this again can make warehouses a lot more efficient.

There are other types of racking which can be easily added on, for example rollers can be integrated into the system to allow pallets of stock to be slid to the back and slid forward with ease. This can allow for inventory rotation with the older items being taken first rather than just being left at the back of a stock pile.

Forklifts are a common feature in warehouses, racking can be arranged in such a way to allow a forklift to drive through the corridors created by rows of racking. Because of this and the ability to custom each rack, it makes the system very useful in the storage of pallets. This allows a lot of items to be quickly moved from one location to another.

The final advantage is the cost of racking, because it is modular only the amount needed be brought, and it is easy to sell of unneeded extras. As well as this it can be constructed from cheap and light materials which still maintain structural integrity. The strength comes from the way the storage is designed, not from what it is constructed from.

If you are seeking to improve the efficiency of your current warehouse set up structural racking provides an excellent answer. It is a highly flexible and cheap method of speeding up your distribution process and allows for quick changes in the type of stock which can be stored.