15 Jun, 2024
3 mins read

How to Determine Work in Industry or Academia?

For those who already hold a scientific degree, you must be confused about work in industry or academia. This commonly happens because it is not easy to determine the best one. Job A can be very easy for others but not necessarily for some people. Well, if you have difficulty in determining work in industry or academia, you can read this article. There will be some things to prepare well because these two jobs are different.

What is Your Priority?

The first thing that everyone should focus on is priority. But before that, we need to get to know the basics of work in industry or academia. When it comes to flexibility, work in academia has the freedom to determine schedules. While working in the industry, there is already a structured schedule to follow. It means that if you don’t like regularity, academia seems more suitable. The second essential is about salary. According to academic research, scientists in Canada, America and Europe who work in industry get more salaries. While from the intellectual freedom, working in industry will deal with deadlines and business goals. Unlike the academia which give you more freedom. According these differences, you can choose your priority. But make sure that it’s the most valuable for yourself.

Which Subject You Prefer More

Choosing a subject or job desk is the second thing that must be chosen. of course, this is also different between work in industry and academia. Think about where your true passion is? This because what will spend most of your time. If it doesn’t match your passion or skill, it will difficult ahead. Do you prefer to teach or do more organized activities? Therefore, look at your own strength first.

Being Independent or Team Work?

The next important thing to learn is about intellectual freedom. As discussed before, working in industry becomes more difficult because of deadline. But this is not the only challenge, you will also be faced with being independent or team work. If you like to be work alone with your ideas, you can choose academia. But if it’s opposite, you can be more socialist by working in industry.

Long Term Plan

Long term plan becomes the last essential before determining your choice. Start to think about your future in the next 5 to 10 years. Same as when you work in the other places, you need to look ahead. choose one of these two that is still profitable in the future. Passion might really affect your performance. But as much as possible also see if this is good for the long term.

According to the several aspects above, the most important thing is to choose according to your heart and future. These two can not be separated because it affects your life. When you finally know the right way, you will find a way of success. But don’t expect it to come suddenly because nothing is instant. Everything needs time and effort that go hand in hand. Don’t …