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SaleHoo Review – Drop Shipping Wholesalers

SaleHoo Review – Drop Shipping Wholesalers

If you have been exploring the possibility of selling online then you have no doubtingly run across advertisements for SaleHoo. So what is it? SaleHoo is basically a directory of online wholesale distributors including manufactures, liquidators and drop shipping wholesalers.

SaleHoo is very easy to use and the interface is rather simple. You simply enter your product search term and it will give you a list of suppliers to work with. From there you can view the suppliers websites, place orders, etc.

As a member you can also rate and see how other members rate a particular distributor. Also included is a member forums area, educational materials, and the ability to refer other members and recoup your initial cost of SaleHoo and then some.

In addition, however still in beta, is the Research and Analysis Lab. This useful tool allows you to enter a product or brand and analyze the selling potential/success on eBay. Included in the report is the demand, competition, current advertisements, and eBay prices.

What SaleHoo is not! SaleHoo is not a wholesale distributor which some people think at first. Again, its only a directory so you do not purchase any products directly from SaleHoo.

My Opinion of SaleHoo. I have no regrets for my purchase and have sense recouped my cost. My only gripe was that when I first purchased it I felt the advertising really pushed drop shipping and the second you step into the member community/forums you see people (members and Staff alike) pretty much denounce drop shipping.

Being new on the scene with not much to work with drop shipping was what appealed to me. It seemed like a good way to start out sense I didn’t have much money to work with. If your thinking, that’s me, I have no money then you will be happy to know that the community didn’t just ridicule the idea and offer no insights. In fact, if anything, this is where SaleHoo really shines. The community is filled with both new people seeking answers and the people that have walked that road offering solutions.

Bottom Line: SaleHoo is a one time fee for a lifetime membership. Its true you could take the time to surf the Internet and dig up the wholesalers but SaleHoo makes it easy. If you want to sell golf clubs, simply enter your search term and bingo, your staring at a list of distributors that have golf clubs.

Whats more is you get a rating of the company based on the interactions and experiences other SaleHoo members had when dealing with the distributor in question. In addition, the forums provide a wealth of knowledge and a active community to share your thoughts, questions and experiences with other people on the same entrepreneurial path.