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Missing Shoulder Launched Surface-to-Air Missiles from Libyan Military Warehouse

Missing Shoulder Launched Surface-to-Air Missiles from Libyan Military Warehouse

Okay so, it appears that shoulder launched surface-to-air missiles have fallen out of control of the Libyan army and into the hands of Libyan rebels. NATO obviously doesn’t want the Libyan Army to have them, as they will try to shoot down NATO helicopters, UAVs, or Cargo and Attack aircraft, unfortunately, we also know that many of the Libyan rebels are or were members of Al Qaeda.

We also know that Egypt is allowing folks to travel over the border into the Gaza Strip, and we know weaponry is moving in that direction and along that supply chain. Therefore, one could conclude that; some of those surface-to-air missiles have made their way into the Gaza Strip, thus, will be used in the future against Israeli forces defending their nation from future rocket attacks.

It is quite possible that some of those surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), and perhaps, other weapons too, have also made their way into the Sudan where they are having a civil war, and in all of these places there are radicalized Muslim terrorists, as well as members of Al Qaeda stoking the flames. Al Qaeda with shoulder launched surface-to-air missiles is quite problematic for peacekeeping efforts, NATO forces, US military, and Arab governments with aerial assets used to keep the peace.

There was a rather alarming article in SpaceWars Online News titled “Missing SAMs in Libya Alarms West” by Staff Writers in Cairo. The article stated;

“Russia has sold countless thousands to Moammar Gadhafi’s regime over the years, mainly Strela-2s, also known as SA-7s. But it’s not known had many Libya had when fighting broke out there. U.S. teams have dismantled more than 30,000 worldwide since 2003 but an estimated 500,000-750,000 remain in military arsenals.”

Perhaps, you can see how deadly and dangerous these types of weapons are in the hands of international terrorists. Terrorists also know that they must use these weapons sooner, than later, because the rocket propellant only lasts for a certain number of years, and in the extreme heat, it won’t last as long because the rocket fuel separates. That rocket fuel can also be used to make explosives, along with the tips of the missile, which can be used to make a more robust and longer-ranged RPGs.

While everyone is worried that Iran will get a nuclear bomb, and give that to proxy terrorists to use, which is probably not all too far off in the future, what about hundreds, if not thousands of shoulder launched antiaircraft missiles?

These shoulder-launched SAMs could also be used on soft civilian targets such as airliners killing scores of people to make a statement for their cause. We already know that Al Qaeda has a fascination and fetish with attacking civilian targets of this type. Therefore this is not a good thing, and I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.