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Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day Celebration

Brief History

Labor Day is being celebrated in most parts of the world. Countries have their own specific date for them to celebrate their Labor days. As for the Americans, they celebrate their Labor Day every first Monday of September.

The first ever Labor Day that was celebrated in the United States was back in September 5, 1882 which was held in New York City. The celebration is all about the commemoration for the workers who died at the hands of the US Military and the US Marshals in the Pullman Strike in 1894. During the term of President Grover Cleverland, he made Labor Day a national holiday for the Americans. Since then, it is being celebrated every year.

Things to do

There are so many things we can do during the Labor Day. Workers are off and it is a Monday, so we can expect a three day weekend vacation from work. We can enjoy picnics with our family along the park. It will be a very enjoyable thing to do. We can take the kids out and just enjoy the lazy afternoons sitting on the park and play some outdoor activities.

We can also do barbeques at home. We can grill chicken, fish, and anything we like. We can invite our friends to come over and join us for the celebration. Everyone is encouraged to enjoy during this day before going back to work the next day. Make the most of the break because there can be only a few of these in the U.S.

If we want to really enjoy the three-day off, we can try going somewhere out of town and spend the whole weekend with our family there. It would be a very good way for us to really relish the three day break. It is also a way for us to unwind and relax before we engage back with our jobs again.

Camping can be a very good idea as well. Consider going to camping sites within the first two days. You can enjoy your time with your family, and still have a day to rest after. The kids will definitely love camping. It will also be a good thing for you to escape from the busy life out in the city for a while.

Tips and Recommendations

If you are planning to go out of town or camping somewhere, always book your trip beforehand. That way, you can reserve rooms for you and your family. There are lots of people that will be planning for the same thing, and it would be better is you get to book for your own, and reserve a room for your family.