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It Was the Beer, Judge!

It was your second date with a good-looking girl, so you took her to your favorite bar for some wings and potato wedges. What you didn’t expect, and didn’t notice, was your ex-wife and her new husband, Lou, were sitting at a corner table. When Lou passed your table and ran into you, knocking your drink all over the floor, you stood up suddenly, threw your chair back, and knocked Lou into the table behind you. The ensuing fight between a dozen patrons led to the arrest of everyone involved. This is what you can expect after your Miranda Rights are read.


When you arrive at the station, the processing clerk will take your personal possessions. Your fingerprints, photograph, and breathalyzer are next. You will then be moved into a cell or an interrogation room to wait for your meeting with the magistrate.


Your preliminary hearing before the judge is known as an arraignment. During the arraignment, you will be told what crimes you are charged with and how the charges relate to the incident. The judge may raise some questions, you can request a lawyer, and then you will be asked to plead as “not guilty” or “guilty.” Just before you are sent back to your holding cell, the judge will present you with a bail amount.


The next step is notifying your family about your bail amount. They can contact the local Washington County bail bonds company and arrange for your release from jail by paying 10% of the required amount. Once the money is paid by cash, property, or credit card, the bond agent will submit the papers to the court, and you will be released from jail.

Once you are free, you must remember to attend all meetings set up by the court. You should also stay out of trouble and contact a lawyer. One more thing, make sure you stay away from Lou.