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IT Support in Different Business Areas

IT Support in Different Business Areas

The era is now of technology innovation. All credit goes to the IT facilities and systems while facilitate any field and its achievements. For example in the health sector, the hospitals now use the medical transcription systems for the betterment of all the patients, as well as the doctors and the medical staff. IT systems that can store data and transcribe the recorded data from recorded files by doctors for OPD and surgery, will help other doctors and the scientists to research and find cure for many diseases incurable up until now. The data is also used to provide easier treatments than before for many other minor and major curable diseases.

IT sector

Similarly, in the IT sector, the data storage and data warehousing (DW) is used. Database management systems and the HRIS are two most favorite examples from the corporate world, which explain the achievements of such sectors with data security and low data redundancy due to IT operations. Data warehousing is the technique used in which the data is stored in a remote yet one unique location through different sub servers like Marketing, HR, Sales, Accounts etc., and then the whole data can be used for different purposes in one company. This data may be of clients as well as of the company itself.

This data has to pass from the many operations including data manipulation check, data copies etc., before going into the data warehouse. The concept of extract, transform and load (ETL), work the best here in the DW. As the name identifies, the data has to be checked before uploading into the system, for better unique results. After that, the extraction of useful patterns of data and needed facts is done. When the check and transformation is complete, it is put to the data warehouse for use.


HRIS (human resources information systems) also, is an achievement of the IT solutions and IT interventions. Previously, around a decade ago, companies used the manual HR processes, and this took most of their time. For example, screening of the CV’s for a qualified job vacancy, the management of employee pays and the management of the whole performance management system (annually or semiannually), all were done with time taking manual approaches.

Now with the systematic approach to the HR operations, less manual work is required even in the generation of a CV database, the selection of candidates, performance appraisals, and compensation areas.


Another example of the IT services is the new and emerging business of outsourcing. Now any company, not able to pay for any of its operational part within its own budget limit, can take help from an outsourcing company, working in the same expert area. This will allow the company to save a million dollars on the expenses done otherwise, and the company operations will still run smoothly. Through outsourcing, the resources are efficiently utilized, and the cost is minimal as well.

For all those who do not know of any other important factors that have led businesses to success through IT, can read the reviews of such companies online to find out how they succeeded using IT help.