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How to Relax Into Success This Labor Day Holiday

How to Relax Into Success This Labor Day Holiday

Each year Americans celebrate the first Monday in September as a national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well being of the United States. Thanks to the planning of labor unions back in the late 1800s, workers in this country are awarded a “workingman’s holiday” or quite simply an extra day off for personal time. This was quite contrary to the notion of “working your fingers to the bone” that seemed to build a great nation. So what is it? Does time off from work really cut production? The answer to this question is not only surprising, it will give you back valuable time for your loved ones, personal hobbies and interests, vacations, and more!

If you’re the type of worker who believes you have no time for a “holiday,” let alone a day off from work, I’ve got news for you… This can be dangerous to your business, your family and your health!

The key to getting more done with less time is penciling in fifteen to twenty minute “Me Breaks” throughout your day and planning not just your work schedule, but also your personal time. The reason many people see ‘taking a break’ or a ‘day off’ as being lazy is because these same people don’t even schedule their work time. These people are just full on. The difference with having a schedule for work and personal time is that it allows you to plan your entire day and gain total control of your life

So if you haven’t done it yet, it’s not too late to plan some fun and relaxation this weekend. Go ahead…. you deserve a break today! Here are some action steps or ideas to help you have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend. And, you can use this holiday as a “Customer Appreciation” opportunity — hint, hint.

The obvious thing to do is throw a party, a barbecue or a picnic this Labor Day. Of course, invite family and friends; and also invite customers and clients. There’s nothing better to create customer loyalty than sharing fun times and allowing your customers to know you on a personal level. Ask your tax adviser about the tax write-off opportunity (see, I told you this was helpful for your bottom line.) However, don’t think about work, just relax and have fun; and remember a day off is not selling at your party. The important thing here is to just have fun.

To make this Labor Day easy on yourself, plan ahead to save time and avoid frustration. You may want to cook some of your dishes ahead of time. And you may also need to schedule time for decorating. You can even invite others to bring and share their favorite dish and recipe.

It is important to delegate some of the tasks; you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Kids love to help decorate and party plan. And their creativity can really spice things up. Plus, it’s a great way to get the whole family involved, talk, share and even bond a little. You can probably pick anyone in your neighborhood that will help set up and clean up for a small fee, or even free food (especially teenagers).

Some additional ideas for fun would be to throw a Poker party. It can be fun to have a theme at your party. Folks love a good Luau or Pinata party. Keep it light and fun, play games like horseshoes, boccie ball, volleyball, water balloon toss, or Frisbee. Don’t worry about being perfect. Just have a wonderful Labor Day holiday!