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How to Have an Easy Birth – 3 Exercises to Have a Less Painful Labour

How to Have an Easy Birth – 3 Exercises to Have a Less Painful Labour

Becoming pregnant can be both a time of joy and a time of uncertainty. If this is your first pregnancy your body will be going through a transformation for the first time and this can feel a little strange. Closer to the time of delivery you may experience premature contractions. You can view this as your body’s way of helping you become prepared for what to expect on that glorious day when your baby makes his or her appearance.:)

The question of how to have an easy birth is a common one. There are exercises that you can do to make labour less painful and the experience more of a joy.

Each woman will experience pregnancy and labour in her own way…while some may tolerate the pain well, others may need help dealing with the contractions. Therefore, taking the appropriate steps during your pregnancy in order to prepare yourself for the day of the delivery should always be at the forefront of your mind. Yoga is an exercise that prepares the body and the mind in order to release stress and embrace calm state. It takes an individual through various exercises to increase flexibility and peacefulness.

However, yoga can be challenging and thus there is an altered form of yoga called pregnancy yoga which is specifically designed for the health and safety of pregnant women.

Walking is also a great exercise. The entire body gets a work-out without the impact of running or jumping jacks. All you need is a comfortable pair of walking shoes and loose-fitting clothes and you are on your way to feeling better and helping prepare yourself for an easier labour.

Moreover, you are preparing your body to be stronger during and after childbirth, which will speed up your post-pregnancy recovery. Start out with three days of walking for 30 minutes then you can increase days and times as you feel fit.

Another beneficial exercise to help ease childbirth is swimming. Some women actually find swimming easier and more beneficial than walking. Swimming on a regular basis provides an entire body workout with no impact. Your body weight is reduced because of the water, and you can work against the water, creating resistance, making it an effective workout.

It’s also a great way to get out and not join a special pregnancy swimming class at your local pool. Meeting up with other moms-to-be is a super way to share your experiences and get some added motivation.

Staying fit during your pregnancy will help when the delivery day comes. While the above tips are will help you out when deciding how to have an easy birth, make sure to get the green light from your doctor before starting any exercise regimen.