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How to Become a Data Center Engineer

The data center industry is thriving, and as more data is stored in the cloud, tech giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. will look to grow their data center operations around the world. A job opportunity for the tech-minded is becoming a data center engineer.

The Education

A data center engineer will perform a number of important functions around a center in order to keep it functioning smoothly. The primary tasks are the setup, design, and management of network systems and the organization of IT solutions that ensure efficient working of data center equipment. In addition to standard data center training, an engineer will need a Bachelor’s degree in the computer science field or related disciplines of computer systems engineering or electronic engineering. Specialized training in different programming languages may also be necessary, with certifications that can be earned through both online or in-classroom training. Engineers also need to have knowledge of software-defined systems and virtualization.

The Responsibilities

The engineer is responsible for a number of tasks around a data center. They include:

  • Fixing issues in network performance
  • Inspecting power and cooling systems
  • Calibrating, evaluating, and monitoring servers
  • Troubleshooting network systems
  • Collaborating with managers and IT personnel to develop improvement plans
  • Carrying out systems administration duties

The Skill Sets

Engineers must be able to test server hardware and network systems, being able to identify issues and faults, and recommending the needed fixes. Data modeling tools like Enterprise Architect, ERWin, MongoDB, data mining, data warehousing solutions, and statistical analysis are vital technical skills needed to do the job well. The engineer must also be able to work effectively with others within the data center, whether or not they are involved in the IT end of operations. Problem-solving skills and interpersonal skills combine to create effective data center strategies.

The increased need for data centers in the future shows the job security potential for data center engineers. With the right education and training, there will be plenty of work to be done.