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Great Ideas on What to See and Do While Visiting the Great City of Houston, Texas

Great Ideas on What to See and Do While Visiting the Great City of Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas is the largest city in the state of Texas and is a wonderful melting pot of various cultures. In fact, over 90 languages are spoken in this city showing just how diverse the population there is. It is a great place to visit as it is a sunny, warm location and has many fun and exciting things to do and see and to offer you a complete Houston fulfillment experience. This article will be a bit of a travel guide offering some information on what to do while there and some recommendations made by a Houston contract warehouse owner as well.

There have been quite a few celebrities from the entertainment industry that are from Houston, several musicians started here like Destiny’s Child, ZZ Top, Lyle Lovett, Hilary Duff and Patrick Swayze. There is also a huge hip hop music scene in this city as well. There are a variety of venues around the city to go to see and listen to a variety of concerts and bands playing which is fun. Because it is the South, there are also quite a bit of places to see some good old country music as well.

One place to go to in Houston is known as the Theatre district which is an area that is 17 blocks large located right in downtown Houston and also has the wonderful Bayou place. The bayou place is a huge complex that has a lot of different types of entertainment like restaurants, movies, parks and plazas. There is also a theatre that has live concerts, plays, small independent films, and stand up comedy shows also. Another great place to visit are the many parks and green spaces throughout the city that are beautifully maintained. Being such a big city, it is nice to see what a green one it is too.

Other great places to go see is the Houston Zoo and the Houston museum of Natural Science. Both of these places are some of the most popular tourist attractions with over two million visitors a year, so be sure to arrive as soon as it opens to avoid long lines and crowds. Three of the favorite parts of this historic museum are the planetarium, the IMAX theatre and the Cockrell butterfly center. This is the second highest rated museum in the United States and is a must see on your visit to Houston.

One of the other great things to see while in Houston is the Space Center Houston which is the official NASA visitor’s station for the Lyndon B. Johnson space center. The space center has many different interactive displays like moon rocks, and a simulator that lets you feel like it would on a space shuttle voyage. Other than museums, there are also fun things to do like go shopping in the Galleria which is the largest shopping mall in the entire state of Texas and that is located in the Uptown area of Houston. Within the galleria there are also some great restaurants to eat in.