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Organize the family financial is not difficult if you know how to execute it. To meet financial needs, both the husband and the wife is required to cooperate, either in living or managing their family financial. Each party has its own task. The most important way to do that is records management. You need to record all the income and the expenses. This family financial tips below will help you to organize your family financial.

Daily Evaluation

The first family financial tips are a daily evaluation. With the record of all expenditure or revenue in detail, so you are not being too wasteful. To help you with the recording of the monthly income and the expenditures, there are many clerk application that you can download from your mobile phone.

Saving In The Early Payday

The next family financial tips are saving in the early payday. The right moment for saving is right after receiving a salary. Set up some amount of money for saving. This will make us control the expenses for the necessities after set up the 30 percent of the salary.

Start To Invest

You could start to invest as one of the family financial tips. Nowadays there has been a lot of fund products on offer, either in the form of stock or gold. For this kind of investment, you will need to use the money other than your 30 percent saving.

Annual Evaluation

Although you have already done the evaluation every day, it is good to look at the overall financial customs for one year period. You can start the evaluation from the early of the year until the end of the year. Then, compare it all with the financial record of the previous year. This way you will see if your family financial planning went wasteful or efficient.

Reduce The Usage Of Credit Cards

The later family financial tips try to use the credit card only for specific purposes, such as hotels or flights booking. Don’t forget to pay before the limit time. Use it only for some occasions, not as the media for primary transactions.


You need to implement this family financial tips process properly. Avoid spending for a less important thing just because it was cut in price. Set up the saving and make a family financial planning is also important for the sake of providing a pension.