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Extinguish the Friction

Extinguish the Friction

Team spirit is not a far-fetched concept though it does not manifest by magic. There are some things that should never be taken for granted when building a team, a business or corporation. Some things should never be left to assumption. By default people need guidance, and guardians need to establish clarity of goal and purpose as well as definition.

Now we know that a business is made of the people that drive it, a company can only go so far by systems and processes. The people that are dedicated and committed to working by those set processes do not just fall in line, they prefer to be guided onto that place and then trusted to abide with little or no supervision.

The truth is that the average individual, no matter how disciplined; may not perform at their best without supervision if there are no boundaries, set rules or expectations not to speak of, performance definitions and indicators. My stint in the corporate circuit taught me this first hand.

Every team, business or establishment is to be built on a culture defined by values and aspirations. Without this there is no underlying purpose. The Vision and Mission need to be expressed through channels defined by culture and values. This is a true fact.

So first things first, answer this question; What value is your team, business or organization built on? What sort of culture drives you?

When these things are defined, then you can begin to attract and recognize the people that fit your team, business or organization, then your overall vision.

To determine the true culture that matches your vision and style of business, first outline your values [your mantra]. You need to know what else your stand for besides making a profit. It needs to be clear if it will be properly communicated to the individuals who decide to join your team.

Once done, it will become clear to you the kind of people you would be able to work with to achieve your dream. This is an important phase of business development because it forms the very foundation and identity of your establishment. It will directly relate to your brand, PR, even your product or service.

If you take the time to complete this phase with proper acumen you will delighted at the results and you would equipped yourself for building up the right team.

Best of Luck!