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Do You Need a Workers Comp Lawyer?

When you’ve been injured at work, you’ll need to report the injury to your employer and file a workers compensation claim to receive money for damages. Getting injured can be crippling physically and financially. You may need to miss extended periods of work and go through many medical exams and procedures before you can get back to your job. Workers compensation can keep you on your feet while you recover, so it’s imperative that you make a successful claim. This might make you wonder: do you need a lawyer? Here’s how to tell.


It’s perfectly common to represent yourself when filing a workers compensation claim. If everything goes smoothly and you follow the right steps, you shouldn’t run into any issues that require professional legal aid. If you have a small injury, your employer acknowledges that you got injured at work and they file the right paperwork, you didn’t need to miss much work, and/or you don’t have a preexisting condition, you’re probably in good hands. Filing by yourself should be just fine.

Legal Representation

Sometimes, the workers compensation process doesn’t go so smoothly. You may run into problems that mean seeking out a workers comp attorney Portland Oregon. Hiring a lawyer can be a good option if your employer does not acknowledge your injury, if insurance finds a reason not to pay you, if you’ve lost a large amount of wages from being away from work for a long time, and/or if a third party was responsible for your injury. These factors can complicate your case and make it harder to get compensation.

Consider hiring a lawyer if you run into any problems, or if you simply don’t think you can handle your case on your own. Every state has its own laws regarding workers compensation rights, and it can be difficult to understand them. You can always contact a lawyer for an initial consultation to see if they are right for you.