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Create the Perfect Birth Experience – Natural Childbirth Or Medicated

Create the Perfect Birth Experience – Natural Childbirth Or Medicated

By about week 35, most pregnant women start to feel some fear and anxiety about the upcoming labor and birth experience. This is true for first time mothers and for mothers with multiple children. The main reason is fear of the unknown. Wondering when and where labor will begin, how long it will last, and how much pain and suffering is going to be involved. This burden of wonder is unhealthy for the mother and the developing baby. It causes stress that effects both of them.

Additionally, labor has often been thought of as something that is out of control. The mother is at nature’s mercy. This is true to a point. There is something a woman can do before the process begins to help calm fears and guide the delivery experience in the way that she desires. It includes using the Law of Attraction and visualization.

The Law of Attraction has become increasingly popular over the last decade and is frequently used in seminars on creating wealth. However, it is a universal law and can work in any area of a person’s life. Briefly, the Law of Attraction states that thoughts have energy that attracts to whatever the person is thinking about. Think of it like thoughts are charged like magnets. They are have an actual physical draw to those things that are similar. If your thoughts are positively charged they will attract other positively charged things. It also is true for negative. If a person can decide what they want most, send their thoughts out to the universe asking for it, truly visualize receiving, and be open to accept it, they can create their own destiny.

Woman can use this law to create their perfect birth expedience before the first contraction begins. First, the mother should decide what kind of birth she wants to experience. It is good to be specific. Think of the time of day, how it feels, who is there, how long it lasts. Connecting emotion to the visualization makes it even stronger. Second, she should continue to revisit the mental experience. Ask for it to happen out loud. Make the situation so real that it becomes a part of who she is. Third, believe that it is true. Have faith that it will happen just how it was visualized in her mind. Finally, be grateful. Be open to receive the perfect birth and give thanks for receiving it before labor begins.

There are many who believe that the Law of Attraction is for dreamers. People who don’t act, but instead, simply wish for good things to happen. It is not true. Actually, those who understand the Law of Attraction are individuals who have set attainable, believable goals. They are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them. They understand the way you think can effect the way you live. They are ready and willing to act. There are people in the world who are living their dreams. They are making their goals reality. This is true in every aspect of life. It is true for women who visualize how they want their birth to be and actually create the perfect labor experience. It is possible.