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Cosmetologist: A Career in Beauty

Cosmetologist: A Career in Beauty

Cosmetology is an exciting and rewarding career that focuses on beauty in terms of skin care, nail care and beauty and hair care and style. A career in cosmetology could land you in a field you will love from becoming a professional hairstylist in an upscale (and high-paying) salon to starting a job as an aesthetician in your very own nail shop. Learn more about how to get started in a job that lets your creativity shine through.

Cosmetologist Career: Education

If you wish to become a cosmetologist, you will need to be at least 16 years in age and attend a state-licensed cosmetology school or barber school. Some states require students to earn a high school degree or GED before they can enroll in a cosmetology school or program. Cosmetology training programs typically, last about nine months and often, results in an associate’s degree. Those who wish to become nail technicians will have a shorter program the term length differs by state. Some states require nail technicians/manicurists to complete 500 hours of coursework, while others require only 400 hours, and some states might accept hours working as an intern, as credit towards your schooling hours.

Cosmetologist Career: Licensing

Additionally, any cosmetologist workers including hairdressers, hairstylists and cosmetologists (excluding shampooers) are required to be licensed, in order to practice anywhere in the United States. After completing a state-approved cosmetology program, individuals are typically, required to take a state-administered exam, in order to receive their license. In most states, skin care specialists, manicurists and pedicurists, generally have a separate licensing exam.

Cosmetologist Career: Earnings

One of the most exciting opportunities for cosmetologists, hairstylists and aestheticians is that their earnings increase substantially as they become more experienced and start building their clientele. The list of cosmetology career options doesn’t end in working as a hair or nail stylist or aesthetician licensed cosmetologist can advance their career to manage or open their own salons, to become image consultants or sales reps or to teach in cosmetology/barber schools. According to (2009), cosmetologists earn an average annual income of $11.21/hour, which figures up to about $23,330 a year. However, the earnings vary considerably by job title.

Cosmetologist Career: Occupation Outlook & Expectations

According to the BLS (The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), the projected employment for Personal Appearance Workers (e.g. – cosmetologists, barbers, nail care and skin care technicians). However, this employment growth is estimated to vary according to specialty. To better explain this, here is an example: The increase in jobs for skin care specialist is expected to be much faster throughout the next seven years (2018), than the projected job growth for other cosmetology occupations that require either an associate’s degree or post-secondary training.

A career as a hairstylist, manicurist, color specialist, aesthetician, Botox specialist or whatever dreams you have in the world of personal beauty and style can be very promising throughout the United States, as predicted by The Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Jump start your future with an exciting and lucrative career in cosmetology that pushes the envelope and lets you express your creative side every day.