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4 Simple Tips for Building an Effective Home Office

Over the years, technology has advanced to the point where working from home is a viable option for many people. While this is a largely positive development, it does present some challenges. In particular, setting up an effective home office can be more difficult than you might expect. Fortunately, these tips should make it a little easier.

1. Invest in Fast, Reliable Internet Service

Now that you’ve brought your professional life home, you need professional-quality internet service. Upgrading may seem expensive at first, but you’ll be glad you did it when you don’t have to worry about slow downloads and dropped video calls. Plus, come tax time, you may be able to deduct your internet bill as a work expense.

2. Find a Dedicated Space

Whether your available space affords you the use of an entire room or just the corner of one, having a dedicated workspace is vital. Theoretically, you could work on your couch, but that could easily blur the lines between your work and home lives. A dedicated home office space creates a separation between professional and personal time, enabling you to more effectively work or relax as needed.

3. Ensure Comfort

If you’re going to be spending eight or more hours a day in a particular space, it pays to cater it toward your own comfort. Invest in an ergonomic chair and a desk that sits at the proper height for you. Also, be sure to orient your computer and chair in such way as to minimize frequent neck movement.

4. Cultivate Productivity

Set up your space in a way that plays to your working style. If you’re easily distracted, try to keep your desk clear of clutter. If beauty motivates you, decorate your office with flowers or artwork. The key is to build an environment that empowers you to do your best work.

Transitioning to remote work can be tricky, but with these easy tips, you’ll be ready to kiss your commute goodbye in no time.