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3 Ways To Say Thank You To Valuable Employees

March hit and life in many places came to a halt. The traditional work model, for many, disappeared. In some areas, factory workers began to work overtime. In other sectors, staff was sent home, asked to complete their projects via online platforms. It has been a period that certainly pushed limits and stretched expectations. Managers and owners may be looking now to thank team members for hard work and dedication, especially in the face of a trying environment. How during a COVID-era do you do that though? What are the new expectations and guidelines? Here are three ways to let others know you’re grateful.

1. Send a Surprise

Thankfully, several places are up and running, including the delivery services. If your crew is at home, diligently attending to tasks, then consider looking over mailing them a fun present. It could be something to get through the days–a bottle of hand sanitizer or a cloth mask. Other selections could be a bit more lively, offering a smile during a hard period. Look into corporate gifts pelham ny for options that may bring a moment of cheer.

2. Write a Note

Don’t underestimate the value of justification. For many, recognition is a major factor in motivation. What did the employee do remarkably well? How is this person vital to your success? Is there something unique about his or her talents? Compile a letter (or email), send it and put it in the person’s human resource folder.

3. Give a Day Off

Personal time off could be a reset button for many. Since summer vacations are on hold for many, simply taking a day off may not be in the plans. Provide a comp day to the employee, encouraging him or her to spend time with loved ones.

As more and more places open up, a new normal is about to shape. Allow those who work for you to know how much you have appreciated their professionalism and perseverance.