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3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mixer

Do you like to bake? Depending on whether or not you bake professionally or just for your family and friends, you may need a different kind of blender. This article will help to narrow down your blender options so you can choose the right one for the job.

Go Big or Go Home

If you are a professional baker or you need to bake huge quantities of items often, an industrial mixer might be a good fit for you. Ribbon blenders are large, relatively cheap, and easy to maintain. They are also popular mixers because they are very strong. Not only can they mix eggs and flour, but they can also mix stucco, clay, or paint. This means you will never have a problem with this blender seizing up because you put too many ingredients in it. If you need to make a large number of items, it might be best to opt for a large blender.

Meet in the Middle

If you mainly bake for small events or family gatherings, a stand mixer might be good for you. These are smaller and much less powerful than a ribbon blender and are good for making smaller quantities of items. A stand mixer is good for making items that may be tough to mix by hand, such as bread.

Petite is Perfect

If you are baking for yourself or a small family, a handheld mixer might be a good fit for you. They are small and easy to store but are not very powerful and you cannot walk away from it. Many handheld mixers can handle mixing cookies and cake batter or making whipped cream, but they are not powerful enough to handle heavy batters or dough.

Whatever you are in your baking, there is a mixer for you. As long as you consider the quantity of items you want to make, you will be able to find the right mixer for the job.