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10 Ways to Build Security in Your Data Center Warehouse

10 Ways to Build Security in Your Data Center Warehouse

Your data center warehouse stores passwords and user Ids of several databases & systems. This makes the security of your data center a necessity. Here we will provide you different ways to ensure the security of your warehouse.

A� First thing you need to make sure for proper security of your data center is to build it on right spot. Make sure that it is at least a distance of 20 miles from headquarters and 100 ft from main road. Do not build it near airports, power plants and chemical factories. Do not build it near areas prone to earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.

A� Ensure that your data center possesses at least two sources for all utilities like water, voice, data and electricity. The water lines should be underground.

A� Consider the walls of the data center. Foot thick concrete walls are always a better option and are very effective against damaging elements. Besides this, these walls are quite inexpensive. To add some extra security, you can go for walls that are lined with Kevlar.

A� Don’t forget that it is your warehouse, not an office building. So, you should try to avoid windows or limit windows to administrative area only. You can also use bomb-resistant glass in windows.

A� You can also use landscaping to protect your warehouse. Huge boulders and trees are capable of hiding your data center from cars & other vehicles passing by it. Where landscaping could not secure the building, you can use cash-proof barriers there.

A� You can control access to parking lot using retractable barriers at every entry point of vehicles. Retractable bollards are one the most apt solutions that will allow you to control access to parking area.

A� Arrange security for bomb detection. For places that can be likely targets, you can provide guards with bomb sniffing devices that are portable. They can also use mirrors to find out underneath the vehicles for any sort of explosives.

A� For exits, use doors without handles outside. Whenever these doors are opened, a loud alarm will automatically inform the security command center about some mishap.

A� Use ‘surveillance cameras’ around the perimeter of your data centre building and at every entrance & exit. You can use a combination of cameras as well such as standard fixed camera, low light camera, pan zilt zoom camera and some motion detection devices.

A� Make sure that walls and ceilings do not provide any hidden access points.

These are the ten ways to ensure the security of data warehouse centre.