Crude Oil

Our partner acquires crude oil for processing, as per our clients’ specific requirements. Our Petroleum Management and Marketing Team is at the centre of these operations, purchasing crude oil from multiple sources notably the NNPC, for subsequent refining in Latin America, Europe, the Black Sea, the Far East and the Caribbean. The team constantly seeks to take advantage of the opportunities presented by its positions, using a combination of sales and exchanges to achieve its results. The subsequent success has propelled the Corporation’s continuous growth in the Bonny Light Crude Oil market, leading to the company being recognized by both Oil Traders and Refineries as a highly skilled partner in the petroleum field. Corporate Social Responsibility
As a responsible corporate citizen, Walenship is committed to building and maintaining a cordial and mutually beneficial relationship with our host communities in Nigeria. It is important to us that we give back to the communities in which we operate by investing in and serving the communities in a variety of ways. By developing thoughtful community enhancing programs with clearly defined goals and measurable results, we hope to add value to our host communities and improve quality of life. To this end, Walenship and our partners NNPC, have held a series of meetings with members of our host community, and arrived at an understanding and agreement on a mutually beneficial relationship.