Lease a Warehouse

Lease a Warehouse

Leasing a warehouse can be a great decision for your business. Warehouses offer affordable storage options for inventory, stock, or even a place to keep excess furniture and fit-outs. With online businesses booming, you can save money on a store front in a prime retail location by moving your presence onto the internet and operating out of an affordable warehouse space.

Here are some important points to consider for leasing a warehouse space:

Space matters – think about how much space you’ll need, keeping in mind seasonality and overflow of stock. Consider how things will be stored on site and of any OH&S issues that may apply.

Amenities – consider what amenities and facilities you will need for storage. Do you need temperature control and electricity? Will employees be working on the premises? In the case of a working warehouse, you will need to fit out your warehouse space with appropriate ventilation, restroom facilities and a break room.

Location – while less important for industrial property when compared to say, a retail space, location can play a part in your decision making process. How will deliveries be made, what other businesses will you around? If you are looking for a working warehouse, consider how employees will get to and from the premises.

Access – you’ll need to think about access to the space, especially for deliveries. Are there lifts and ramps for trolleys? Do the premises include the use of any equipment, such as forklifts or pallets?

Insurance – be sure to insure the assets on site as your landlord will not be responsible for any loss or any damage to your inventory.

As with any commercial real estate lease, make sure you research your market and understand the lease terms that are put forth on the table. Remember to plan out your storage as you would your office layout – you want your set up to be efficient to your business operations. You can negotiate your industrial property lease to terms that suit your business.

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