WALENSHIP as a good corporate citizen is committed to social responsibility and has over the years identified positively with the aspiration of Nigerians. WALENSHIP strives to make a difference in the social lives of Nigerians through investments that provide lasting community benefits. Our three primary focus areas for community investments are improving healthcare delivery, enabling education and training opportunities.
In 2007, WALENSHIP undertook to finance the construction and equipment of Nassarawa State University Health Centre. The Company believes that if appropriate healthcare facilities are in place, easily treatable diseases which cause death among Nigerians could be tackled. This project therefore aims at empowering the local community to manage their healthcare needs. The Company believes that good health forms a solid foundation for national development.
As part of its commitment to making a positive impact in Nigeria, WALENSHIP made cash donation towards the Nigerian Legion Remembrance Emblem in 2008. The Company shall continue to reach out to maintain good relations.
In supporting related national and industry initiatives, WALENSHIP collaborated with other Oil and Gas companies to sponsor the 2010 International HSE biennial Conference in Nigeria.