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Labor Law – Corporations and Companies Should Have Equal Bargaining Power with Labor Unions

Labor Law – Corporations and Companies Should Have Equal Bargaining Power with Labor Unions

There are people who are pro-business and those who are pro-union, for the rest of society, they just want everyone to get along, and don’t like to see power labor unions attack a company, nor do they wish to see big corporations cheat their workers out of an honest wage for a good days work. Okay so, this is not just a United States challenge, it’s a world-wide power struggle that is never ending between big labor and big business.

Indeed, if that doesn’t throw a giant bull in the proverbial China shop, I don’t know what would. So, let’s begin this debate shall we? Not long ago, a pro-union, pro-labor, and socialist leaning individual from a Middle Eastern Nation and I (me being a capitalist) got into a heated debate over the how capitalism worked. My antagonist was under the belief that workers and labor should have equal say in the company no matter what, and he stated;

“I believe in Central Bargaining among union and employers also.”

Okay, but if the workers are allowed to walk out and strike, the company should be allowed to tell them to never come back and hire a new batch of people too. Are you okay with the responsibility on the union side of things? Most people aren’t thus, there is no real negotiation, just union extortion, threats, etc. And if a union walks out and hurts the business, the owner should be allowed to deduct the pay from the workers for lost profits, if the workers do come back ever.

Therefore I ask the question, why do we have such lop-sided laws in the nation, and why are labor unions so likely to use strong-arm tactics to bully their way in negotiations? We need new labor laws in this country that allow for greater competition for employment, after all, if everyone wants to enjoy the fruits and abundance of capitalism, lets’ make it a competitive endeavor all the way around. Please consider all this.