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How Is A Secure Self Storage Our Responsibility As Well?

How Is A Secure Self Storage Our Responsibility As Well?

It’s undeniable that self storage brings so much convenience to our lives. However, with convenience comes a whole bunch of new worries, especially in terms of security issues. We often take for granted that the self storage company should be responsible for the security and we will just blame them if our things go missing. However, self storage security is our responsibility as well!


Most self storage companies will often recommend on what locks to be purchased. A good quality and sturdy lock that cannot be cut by a bolt cutter is an investment that must be made. Although it will definitely cost a lot more than simple locks, it provides a barrier that cannot be broken. Do make sure that you do not misplace the key to the lock. Some self storage companies may require you to leave a key with them in the event that you misplace yours so that the unit can still be opened. For added security, you can even consider using a sturdy number lock or even a biometric lock.

Mobile camera

If you are intending to store things that are extremely valuable, a very good security investment would be to install a mobile camera in your self storage unit. You are able to remotely control the camera by sending SMS instructions to it such as tilting and zooming and all these images can be viewed on your mobile phone or on your computer. Since the mobile camera uses a 3G sim card to work, it eliminates the need for cables and increasing the stealthiness of it. Monthly subscription charges are relatively affordable at around $7. Through the use of a mobile camera, any unofficial access to your units can be monitored real time and you can even capture the image of the intruder, making it easier to trace back your items if they get stolen.

Eliminate tailgaters

One common modus operandi of thieves is to tailgate a user and gain entry into the self storage facility. You should inculcate a habit of covering the keypad when you are keying in the access code into the self storage facility and always shut the gate before you move on even if someone is approaching the gate. Do not be nice by trying to hold the gate for them. If the person approaching is also a user of the facility, he will know the access code. In fact, he will even be grateful to you for reinforcing the security of the facility.

Total security of the self storage facility requires the cooperation of both the service provider and the customers. No matter how sophisticated the security features are, if the customer unknowingly invites potential thieves into the facility, things will still be stolen.