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Crude OIL

Our partner acquires crude oil for processing, as per our clients’ specific requirements. Our Petroleum Management and Marketing Team is at the centre of these operations, purchasing crude oil from multiple sources notably the NNPC, for subsequent refining in Latin America, Europe, the Black Sea, the Far East and the Caribbean. The team constantly seeks to take advantage of the opportunities presented by its positions, <READ MORE>


Our partnerships with some of the world’s largest fleet operators gives us the added advantage of being able to move quickly and rapidly in the collection and delivery of product. The fleets available to us have been significantly expanded and modernised, and the company has developed a strong network of customer relationships and a reputation for transportation excellence among quality-sensitive customers.<READ MORE>


Against a backdrop of increasing global demand for hydrocarbons and ever-intensifying competition for upstream assets, the company sets itself apart. This is achieved in house as a result of our experience and proven ability to seek out and access opportunities that offer the potential of substantial reserves on economically attractive terms and at a low unit costs. At present, our partner NNPC has licensed <READ MORE>

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