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What to do When you Can’t Afford Bail


Bad decisions and mistakes happen. Getting arrested isn’t something anyone looks forward to. Legal issues can cause problems in other aspects of your life. But, what do you do if you have to pay bail to get out but can’t? You do have options, and some of them are discussed here.


In some cases, your bond may allow you to use collateral as funding to get out of jail. The collateral is often a home or vehicle. The value of the collateral is often required to be more than your bond.

If you fail to appear, the collateral will be seized. You forfeit the right to own your collateral. Usually, seized items are placed up for auction. It may take months, or even years, for the state to obtain the funds from collateral auctions as the process to obtain ownership can be lengthy.

Phone a Friend or Family Member

A friend or family member may help by paying your bail. If you have a warrant, the bond is likely higher due to the charges you have. If you do not go to court, another warrant is issued and your friend or family member loses their money.

This is not the best option for those that have a criminal history. Friends or family members may be reluctant to provide funds to get out of jail. They may not want to risk losing the money they put up to get you out.

Call a Bail Bondsman

A bail bondsman is another option. They are not obligated to accept you. Some will require collateral, especially if your charges are significant.

A Union County bail bonds service will place a bounty on you should you leave town or fail to appear. The hunt will end up costing you and/or your family members much more money. They will bill you for the initial bond plus the cost of the hunt and perhaps, additional fees.

Closing Thoughts

It is important to see your legal situation through until the end. It may be financially straining, but you can always pick up a part-time job to help cover the expenses. It is important to understand that the choice you made was not a good decision, learn from that experience and not become a repeat offender.